Following their ‘Kamen Rider Gotchard’ theme song ‘CHEMY×STORY’, Japanese band BACK-ON have announced a new collaboration with singer Beverly, who previously provided the show’s “kick song” ‘Rising Fighter’.

THE SKY’S THE LIMIT’ by BACK-ON × Beverly will be featured as an insert song in the ‘Gotchard’ series, and released as a digital single on 26 May! The track is a “rainbow song”, and the Kamen Rider on the cover is streaked with all the colors of the rainbow.

BACK-ON and Beverly recently performed together at the all-star ‘Kamen Rider Gotchard’ fan event titled Kamen Rider Gotchard Gatchanko FESTIVAL!!, which was held on May 3 and 4 for a capacity 3,200 crowd. They announced the new single on stage, then gave a blistering performance. The news of the song, created through a rare collaboration between these two legendary Kamen Rider artists, was a huge surprise for the assembled audience of diehard ‘Kamen Rider Gotchard’ fans.

Don’t miss ‘THE SKY’S THE LIMIT’ when it comes to download and streaming platforms, filling the world of Gotchard with rainbow colors!

Stream & Download ‘THE SKY’S THE LIMIT’:

About BACK-ON × Beverly


BACK-ON is a band consisting of MC TEEDA and vocalist/guitarist KENJI03, two childhood friends from Tokyo’s Adachi Ward. They perform live not only in Japan but also in Asia, North America, Europe, South America and other parts of the world. They have received acclaim from listeners all around the world for their musicality and their live performances. In addition to writing their own material, they also write songs for many other artists.

Under the name Hi-yunk, KENJI03 previously composed the theme song ‘Trust · Last’ for ‘Kamen Rider Geats’, which was broadcast until August 2023, and the theme song ‘Change my future’ for ‘Kamen Rider Geats × Revice: Movie Battle Royale’. ‘CHEMY×STORY’ was his second theme song in a row for a new series of ‘Kamen Rider’. BACK-ON’s song ‘Chair’ also featured in ‘Kamen Rider Geats’, marking the band’s first contribution to the ‘Kamen Rider’ series as BACK-ON; this was followed by their opening theme for the ‘Kamen Rider Gotchard’ series.



Hailing from the Philippines, Beverly is a world-class singer who has won numerous awards and performed at festivals in the Philippines, the United States and more. Her incredible high-tone voice is truly unique.

Beverly released her debut album ‘AWESOME’ on May 31, 2017. After making her debut as a singer with a theme song for a TV series, she performed as Ariana Grande’s support act in Japan, as well as appearing at the ASEAN 50th anniversary banquet.

Following these achievements, her song ‘A New Day’ was selected as the theme song for the Fuji TV drama series ‘Princess Jellyfish’. Her song ‘LOVE THERAPY’ was also used in commercials as tea brand Sokenbicha’s 2018 campaign song. ‘Again’ then featured as the ending theme song for the first season of the anime series ‘Fruits Basket’, as Beverly’s career continued to reach new heights.

Additionally, Beverly was a guest vocalist on the ‘Kamen Rider Build’ theme song ‘Be The One’ by Tetsuya Komuro and Daisuke Asakura’s music unit PANDORA. She has collaborated with countless anime shows and videogames, becoming an unstoppable singing talent with a loyal fan base.

As well as showcasing her killer vocal skills on YouTube Live each month, she also has an ongoing series of solo concerts titled Beverly Airlines, running from 2023 through 2024. As a consummate live performer, Beverly has even taken the mic at dinner shows and classical concerts with X JAPAN member YOSHIKI, as well as classical shows by Tetsuya Komuro, cementing her reputation as a singer loved by other top-class artists.

Beverly will round out 2024 with a solo show at Zepp Divercity in Tokyo on December 28.


Kamen Rider avex SOUND WEB


Kamen Rider avex SOUND WEB


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