I gotta hand it to this Bourbon company. This box was on the desk at the office, so of course I dipped into it and enjoyed one of these little delights.

I absolutely LOVE banana cream anything, so “banana cream soft cake” sounded like my dream treat. And…it did NOT disappoint.

Like practically every other Japanese snack I’ve had, each of these little cakes is individually wrapped in this little green bag. Once you open it, the fun begins.

Inside is a puffy, soft little treat that feels a lot like a Twinkie, but much more fresh and inviting than those tend to be. I couldn’t stare at it very long before I stuffed it in my face.

Basically, these little things are incredible. The box is currently sitting about 10 inches from me, and it is taking all the will power I have to not grab it and eat the remaining few cakes in the box….but I must. They’re too good.

Rating: five dancing bananas. yes.

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