Or at least buy import candy from specialty stores??

During my midday hunger daze, I went next door to the deli and they had on the shelves Kit Kat Banana flavor. I’ve written about some of the various Japanese Kit Kat flavor varieties before, but none of them were as in-tune with my personal tastes as this one. Despite the 3 dollar price tag, I threw down my cash and prepared to indulge in this confectionary delight (all for the purpose of this blog, of course).

As I expected, this thing is DELICIOUS. I already think there aren’t nearly enough banana-flavored snacks on the (at least American) market, so seeing this on the shelves was exciting.

One thing that surprised me, though, is that this thing is one piece of Kit Kat bar, rather than the customary two pieces stuck together. Instead you get one big hunk of banana goodness.

The thing was particularly creamy and rich-flavored, but it wasn’t too much.

The banana flavor is very strong, which I personally loved.

If you can find this, get it. Otherwise, buy a plain old regular Kit Kat, eat it, and be sad that you couldn’t experience this instead.

Om nom nom.


/5. Yes.

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  1. this looks great!! looks much better than the one that’s covered in dark chocoalte with banana cream inside the wafers. I wanna try!!

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