The past 2 days have been very warm in LA.  I guess summer is just around the corner! On summer nights, we love to go get a scoop of ice cream. One my favorite places to get ice cream in Japan is Baskin Robbins.  In Japan, instead calling it Baskin Robbins like we do here, they call it 31.  Baskin-Robbins could be found in 50 countries and each country has their own original flavor.  Here in the US, there are lots of colorful flavor such as these

but for me looking at these color makes me full.  I LOVE the flavors in Japan, they don’t have over the top colorful ice creams (only occasionally) but I just feel like it tastes so much better. Well yes, its Japan- everything tastes better there.  Here are the original/popular flavors in Japan.




Orange Cheesecake (flavor of the month)






Cream Soda with Ramune Candies (seasonal flavor)





Choco-Banana (seasonal flavor)





Almond Jelly (seasonal flavor)







Azuki Beans (classic flavor)







Love Potion- Raspberry + white chocolate (classic flavor)








Poppin Shower- Milk base + pop rock candies (classic flavor)



I always get Poppin Shower, it’s really good! It used to be a limited time flavor just for the year 2000 and was named Millennium, but because it was so popular it became a classic flavor.  Poppin Shower is the most popular flavor!

Source: Baskin-Robbins Japan and Baskin-Robbins USA

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  1. Hello. The Baskin Robbins in Japan are called “Baskin Robbins”, like everywhere. Or at least the one’s I’ve been to.
    Of course the flavors vary from shop to shop, month to month, season to season. I can go check my near by one.

    They have some jelly drinks going on here. Dunno what they’re about, but it’s interesting.

    Alas, I stick with Jamoca Almond Fudge. It’s the most popular, what I see nearly everyone order.
    But i only get it when i feel like a special treat since i don’t like spending over $8 on ice cream.

  2. Yes, they call it 31. Whenever I say ‘Baskin Robins’ everybody goes like “What???”

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