Bathing with Snow Monkeys


Despite the title, you don’t actually bathe with the monkeys. Sorry for getting your hopes up.

You know what’s fun? Summer. You know what’s not fun about the summer? How hot it is. So to cool your minds, let’s end this long-winded introduction to the Snow Monkeys (Japanese macaque).

I wonder what it’s staring so intently at.

Let’s get this out of the way; these monkeys know how to bathe. In the mountainous countryside of Japan there exist many natural hot springs, some of which like Jigokudani Monkey Park are frequented by monkeys. They’ve become a tourist attraction, you know, besides the beautiful outdoor hot springs that litter Nagano.

Perfect setting for a summer coming-of-age romcom movie.
Perfect setting for a summer coming-of-age romcom movie.

Snow Monkeys even play a prominent role in Japanese folklore and art. Some folk tales that consist of famous monkeys, like the three wise monkeys (see, say, hear no evil), are depicted by them in Japan. It’s no wonder they’re depicted as intelligent in fiction since they’re just as intelligent in reality. They wash the food they eat and even develop accents depending on which region they hail from.

That is one ANGRY looking macaque. There’s some resentment in that stare.
Those are some sassy looking monkeys.

There’s a bit of random information for you guys to mull over during the summer. Stay cool~


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