My favorite treat! Have you had Beard Papa’s Cream Puff?? It’s like a SUPER Cream Puff. Stuffed with this delicious custard. Now they have a super cute hello kitty x beard papa collaboration eco tote at stores! Go and grab one! It’s such a cute design. Kawaii!

I don’t know how else to say it. It’s really big and messy to eat but it’s so worth getting that cream all of your fingers and face for… Cream Puffs, how can you possibly be as amazingly tasting as you are.

Delicious!! I had these puffs when I lived in Japan and fell in love with them…Amazing!!!!!! For passed 10 years, I’ve been such a big fan. I am so happy beard papa is all over the california now. The one in downtown LA is my go-to place. (It’s in Japanese Plaza! ) It is truly devine and you would be wrong to not like it! It’s hard to just have one and walk out… plus it’s a perfect coffee break spot.

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