Finally, a Japanese invention that literally everybody would want!

Hydro-Tech, a company in Japan developed what can only be called “air-conditioned shoes”. Designed to make walking around less…well, smelly, these things sound like they’d be amazing.

As MobileMag explains, the way these shoes work is a bit different from our conventional understanding of “air conditioning”:

The shoes don’t have a mini air conditioner integrated inside, but rather rely on a new filter technology that releases heat and humidity and allows air to flow, for your feet to feel refreshed and clean.

Read more about these remarkable shoes at Hydro-Tech’s official website, which also appears to have a detailed explanation of how exactly the air conditioning sensation works.

photo: Hydro Tech

Japan Trends also discusses the shoes and the services they provide, with a photo gallery of related images for your visual enjoyment.

I wish these shoes were available in the US….

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  1. How can I get these shoes? Although I’m a woman, I would be willing to wear a man’s shoes just to be comfortable as my feet are so hot even in winter, they break out in blisters and rashes. Please contact me and let me know how to order these shoes.

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