Ok, I know it’s super cute. We discovered this kawaii necomimi a while back. Everyone loves kitty cat ears. Who doesn’t ?? But what’s the deal with NECOMIMI at AX 2012 !? Seriously, I sew everyone wearing NECOMIMI on their heads at AX 2012. and those ears are moving constantly. I couldn’t stop staring at them!

Apparently, there was Facebook Event page called Necomimi goes to Anime Expo. I stopped at the Necomimi booth on Saturday and it was paaaacked! Too bad I couldn’t try them on and take a photo….

Photos below from their facebook page.

NECOMIMI was definitely A BIG HIT at AX 2012!! My question is…. What’s happening next?

And here’s the answer!

NECOMIMI is collaborating with  “The Wolf Children, Ame and Yuki”, the latest animation movie by Mamoru Hosoda who also produced “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” and “Summer Wars”. I can’t wait to check out the film this summer!! I watched “summe wars” at Anime Expo Film Screening 2011 and I became a big fan of Mamoru Hosoda right away! Summer Wars was the best anime I watched last year. I gotta watch it again.

Would you like to apply for one? More info can be found Here. Watch the latest trailer No.3.

Check out Necomimi Facebook Page for more news.

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