Columbia Pictures is reportedly going to develop a remake of the 2007 Japanese film Big Man Japan.

Indiewire pointed this to our attention, so check out their article if you wish.

For anyone uninitiated, here’s Columbia’s synopsis of the original film:

Set in a world where monsters wreak havoc, there’s one man who can protect the citizenry: Big Man Japan, who runs the Department of Monster Prevention.  Using electricity, he can grow to be 10 stories tall and fight off the most menacing of monsters.  The problem is that he’s not very good at his job and often causes as much damage as he prevents.  The people believe he’s a joke – and not nearly as good at the job as his father and grandfather were before he took over the family business.

Apparently, the US movie companies view Big Man Japan as a potential moneymaking franchise, given its irreverent tone and potentially hilarious moments.

Here’s the trailer of the original film:

Indiewire seems to think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a good fit to star in the movie, which will be produced by Neal H. Moritz, known most recently for his success with Fast Five. They also mention that they hope Jack Black doesn’t end up starring in the movie, although a plot such as this just screams the “chubby guy running around and smashing into things” schtick that Black has done for so long.

It’ll be interesting to see how Big Man Japan is adapted for American audiences, and who they get to star in the film.

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