If you ever spent your childhood in Japan, then you must be familiar with Bisco(ビスコ)! if someone says… “I spent my childhood in Japan but never had them” … then they are lying. YOU MUST HAD THEM WITHOUT NOTICING! yes, it’s THAT famous.  Kinda like Japanese version of Oreo but healthier. Bisco is a wheat germ crackers with yogurt cream. In 1933,  Glico started selling Bisco making this year as their 80th anniversary!  The well-known red package with a boy illustrated is a kid’s favorite snack.


The back has a cute picture! It’s a horse-

but if you flip it- It’s a penguin!

Inside, there are 3 foil wrapped packets like this

And inside the foil wrap there are 5 pieces of bisco

Wheat germ crackers sandwiching yogurt cream. Itadakimaaa~su! yummy 🙂

Past Bisco packages (sorry the picture is so tiny)

So next time you go to a Japanese market get Bisco!





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