A ramen place in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, called Beehive Genki no Moto (source of energy), will be serving blue ramen from 7/18! The strange colored soup was given the name Lina-Blue no Hiyashi Shio Ramen (cold shio ramen), of which lina stands for Spirulina, a dietary supplement that contains phycocyanin. Phycocyanin colors the ramen in a beautiful blue and provides anti-aging benefits. The complex is also used to make Japan’s favorite ice cream bars, Gari Gari Kun!

Not only does this ramen provide antioxidants, the cold soup also prevents summer lethargy, a.k.a. natsu-bate. It’s perfect for Japan’s summer season! The restaurant used to serve blue colored noodles, but they wanted to offer ramen that visibly felt cool as well. Somehow I think the blue soup would be easier to eat than blue noodles. Is it just me?

Source: Oricon Gourmet

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