Ok, so I am going to be perfectly honest with this food review. Because Kit Kat is not paying us. Ok, so I’m not sure who at the Kit Kat wiz idea factory came up with this one, but I mean, do you really have to make this product?

Like, the first thing I think when I hear blueberry and chocolate is not so much a thought as much as a churny, upturned, gross feeling in my stomach. My basic human instincts are telling me this is a bad idea. Now, not all things that make me sick are in fact gross. When I was ten I tried a pickle and penut butter sandwich and it was great. Not saying I would still suggest this combination, but, at the time, I enjoyed it.

Now, I doubt that any time in my life would I have really enjoyed these blueberry Kit Kats. I mean, if there is no other chocolate around I will eat them. But the taste is just so weird. So weird. My tongue is very confused because there is tangy-ness in my chocolate. And not the good kind. I mean, I am a huge chocolate orange fan, and raspberry chocolate makes me just so happy. But, this blueberry mini Kit Kat situation is just lacking. Just a bit. But, good try Kit Kat. Gimme some more of those calpico Kit Kats. yeaaa that’s the stuff.

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