Feast your eyes on Muscle March.

I have no words for this:

Okay. So…this Japanese game is about male body builders who frantically run around chasing a football player by hitting specific poses that allow them to continually run through walls during the chase? Why are they constantly running through walls instead of out in open spaces? Is this wall-running just one level of the game, or is this the main part of the game itself? Why is there a polar bear in the lineup of dudes?

So many questions….

This game made by Namco-Bandai will supposedly make its way to the Nintendo WiiWare here in the US sometime soon…so keep an eye out for it if you’re into games about striking poses while smashing through walls while chasing someone for some conceivable reason. It sounds like it’d be fun…or at least…interesting.

thanks to GamePro for informing me about this madness.

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