One fanatic fan from Japan e-mailed us about a very interesting Japanese boys’ dance and vocals group “Bullet Train” (Chotokkyu).

Bullet train (Chotokkyu) is a select unit of the Japanese music group EBiDAN. It is the first group in history that is formed by five main dancers and two backing vocals. The main dancer who dances in the center changes for each single. They are Momoiro Clovers’ brother group.

In general, dancers perform behind vocals, but Bullet Train is the opposite. The dancers perform in front and vocals perform behind them.

They formed on Christmas day in 2011.
There are seven members in Bullet Train, and their fans are referred as the eighth member (eighth car of Bullet Train). Members say “Our fans are members of Bullet Train.”

Recently, they released their 5th Anniversary CD (CHO Nevagiva DANCE).

This music video was made in London and collaborated with a very famous train, “Euro star.”
Their “Cho Negiva Dance” was ranked first on Oricon (Japanese Billboard) chart.
They held an “Odottemita”(dance cover) competition.

For this dancing competition, people uploaded their original “Negiva Dance” videos and the people who got the most retweets & likes on Twitter (

So many people participated in this competition. Unfortunately, their dancing competition “Odottemita” contest finished May 14th.

Kai (a member of Bullet Train) is performing in the latest “Tokyo Ghoul” movie.

Bullet Train will perform at Budokan in Tokyo on June 14th, 2017.

They also performed in Jakarta. They are popular in Asia.

Bullet Train’s dance performance is exciting, funny, and unique. Their vocals are nice. We hope that they will get more exposure worldwide.

Check out Bullet Train’s colorful, funny, and unique music videos below.
Batta Man (2015)

Seventh Heaven (2016)

Believe Believe (2014)

ikki!!!!!i!! (2014)

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