BUMP OF CHICKEN and Hatsune Miku Collaboration

Popular Alternative Rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN in a surprising turn of events has collaborated with Hatsune Miku and released an alternative version of their latest single “ray”. Well, not as surprising if you knew that BUMP OF CHICKEN and Miku share the same record label, Toy’s Factory.


The 3DCG model of Miku used in the music video is the latest version of Miku. It’s also the same model used during the vocaloid opera “THE END” that showed in Paris Last November. Miku is slowly getting closer to becoming a physical being at this point.

The whole process took a ton of effort and there’s even a short documentary about the creation of the MV.

I bet Miku is going to eventually collaborate with BABYMETAL. Hahaha.

Source: Crunchyroll

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