Capcom and Pasela have a collaborative campaign for “Ace Attorney” and “BASARA Samurai.” Since about 2 years ago they have been thinking about having a place for information dissemination which users can enjoy. So they opened Capcom Bar in Shinjuku!

Capcom spokesperson said, “If such a restaurant or bar allowed for an exchange of real opinions and for the delivery of the latest information, we can get people to remember our products even if they have never played the game. We would like to spark a little interested in our games that way so that they may eventually become a fan of Capcom titles. Also, developing a new kind of audience is one of our aims for opening Capcom Bar.”

They want to keep doing collaborative events at Capcom Bar every time a new game is released. They would also like to increase the new menu rapidly. They would like to have quest and contents of the game that can only be downloaded from the Capcom Bar. They want to keep having fun projects that will make gamers come back again and again.

Capcom Bar opens at 2:30 pm on weekdays and at noon on weekends until midnight. 120 minute maximum. They have created the original drink of  the new game, Biohazard Revelations. If you like the game, don’t miss it.

Our TOFU is back!
That TOFU MODE is resurrection too!
Use Taberu Rayu and eat with the weakest knife!

Zombies are attacking your brain!
Get your sword and fight!

G-Virus Vaccine ¥780
The Cocktail of the Vaccine for fighting the Virus.
The red G-Virus Vaccine is made from Strawberry

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