For those of you familiar with Japanese food, you may have heard that chocolate is used in curry as a secret ingredient to make it richer. Well, some ramen places in Japan use chocolate in their ramen so you can feel more guilty about eating that delicious but fatty bowl of noodles. Just last month, the brave and open-minded souls at Gigazine checked out two restaurants that offer chocolate ramen – Choco Tantanmen and White Choco Noodle.

Oh gawd… It looks pretty dangerous to eat…


Looks like someone accidentally dropped negi in coffee.

The place, Kraken, that served this Choco Tantanmen was the sister restaurant to Papapapapaine, another novel place that offers pineapple ramen. Unfortunately, yesterday was its last day, so you can’t eat this strange ramen, but from what Gigazine said, I’m pretty sure you didn’t miss out. They say the Choco Tantanmen cannot be described or categorized, which is probably polite for, “it’s awful,” unless you like your chashu to taste like spicy chocolate. At least the name truthfully described the dish!

Looks pretty much like conventional ramen except for the toppings.

Salmon! NOM.

They completely cleared the bowl so it must be good.

The white chocolate ramen can be ordered at Fusukake in Osaka. Gigazine describes it as a smooth cream stew, which sounds good. Apparently you can’t smell nor taste the chocolate unlike the Choco Tantanmen, so it’s not as fun, but it’s probably delicious since the White Choco Noodle is currently one of the finalists in a ramen competition called My Ramen Production.

So… chocolate ramen?

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