Nagatanien, the company most famous for its ochatsuke, has collaborated with Cherie Dolce, Circle K’s brand for desserts, to bring its consumers three different ginger infused products.

The first is a shoga brownie. They mixed ginger powder in the batter, as well as chopped up ginger bits so that you can enjoy the texture of ginger. The second is a ginger soy latte that allows you to enjoy the mild flavor of a latte and the spice from ginger. The last of the seasonal products is a chiffon cake baked with ginger powder like the brownie.

I’m usually open to weird new flavors, but this time not so much, unless it’s similar to the deliciousness of gingerbread cookies. Gotta love those. I would buy one of those ridiculous ginger hats just for kicks. They look like they’d make a good Halloween costume!

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