Video game company Square Enix has a new immersive experience in store for final Fantasy fans.

Called Theatrythm Final Fantasy, the spin-off of the series of role-playing games is a rhythm-based puzzle game in which the user plays a song by pressing the appropriate button that corresponds to circles that move rhythmically around the screen.

If this description is too vague, try this one from Nintendo World Report:

In all the three stages, while looking at diverse circles flowing on the upper screen from left to right, players touch the lower screen at the right time in different ways (tap, flick in a specified direction, hold, or drag), according to the type of circle.

Beating a title’s stages in the “series” mode unlocks its music in the second “challenge” mode, where you can play the same tune in various difficulties.

Here’s a video of some gameplay for more details:

The entire game isn’t available just yet, but head over to the Theatrythm Final Fantasy website to see what they have up so far, and stay tuned for more news regarding this Final Fantasy spin-off.

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