Cheeky Parade just wrapped up the finale of their 17-show Japan tour, and revealed the music video and cover art of their fifth single, “M.O.N.ST@R”, slated for July 15. It will be a double A-side single featuring the title track and an unreleased track, titled “Colorful Starlight”. Yuri Suzuki said during the official LINE live broadcast, “It might have been a coupled song at first, but after the vocals were added, we decided to make it the other A-side song.

The “M.O.N.ST@R” music video (DOWN THE ROAD ver) centers around the “expressions” of the girls during their latest “Cheeky Boot Camp” Japan tour along with their “expressions” from their past shows. The last half of the music video shows the girls holding up “No.1” with their fingers in quick, one-second edits.

The title, “M.O.N.ST@R” is an acronym for “Manifest of No.1 Star”. The girls, who performed at New York’s “CBGB Fest” in 2014, are declaring “No.1” once again.

Cheeky Parade will perform at Akasaka BLITZ on June 28.


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