I know, it”s only February. Cherry blossom season isn”t until April. However, I am far too excited to not write about them now!! I love cherry blossom season. Some of the best parties, concerts and festivities took place during sakura season for me, so I am always looking forward to springtime.

Meanwhile, in Japan, cherry blossom viewing, or hanami, is a countrywide phenomenon. In all parks around Japan, people gather to view the flowers and celebrate the coming of the season. When Japanese culture became influential in the Western mainstream, one thing that became huge is cherry blossom festivals.

Today, something I saw on Tumblr made me go on a hunt of cherry blossom wedding cakes. I”d definitely love having one at my wedding if I were to ever get married!!! These are quite beautiful…

And here is the beautiful creation that inspired me to best online casino go hunting for these in the first place… Comes from fashionprotege.tumblr.com:

Further searching let me know that the cutest party favors were also available for purchase online: little candles shaped like cakes with cherry blossoms. They are so cute, one is left wondering if it is alright to buy these for no reason except to have them.

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