Japanese punk group Shonen Knife are currently touring across the United States in support of their recently-released tribute to legendary punk-rock band Ramones.

Called Osaka Ramones, the album is the all-girl band’s heartfelt tribute to one of their main musical influences.

It must be exciting for them, then, knowing that CJ Ramone, a one-time bassist (and part-time vocalist) of Ramones will join them onstage in Brooklyn on November 18th.

Shonen Knife vocalist Naoko had this to say about Osaka Ramones and the US tour: “Ramones were my all-time idols since I first heard their music from a radio and rushed to a record shop. This year is the 30th anniversary of Shonen Knife. For celebration, we decided to record a cover album of our favorite band the Ramones. The title is “Osaka Ramones” with our respect. I’m very happy to release an Osaka Ramones project and to recognize their contribution to the evolution of Shonen Knife”

Read more about the tour here, and enjoy a sample from Osaka Ramones below.

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