Han & Riki, CNN's featured cosplayers

There’s an interesting post over at CNN’s “Geek Out!” blog about the art of cosplay.

Written in an educational tone, as if intended for people who don’t already know a lot about what the word “cosplay” means, the piece discusses some of the ways cosplayers are presented in the media.

For example, Yaya Han, a cosplayer featured in the piece, talked about when a New York Post reporter interviewed her at the New York Comic Con :

“At New York Comic Con, I was interviewed by the New York Post,” Han said. “I was wearing Amber from ‘Sucker Punch.’ It was a costume that I made and spent a lot of time and money on, but the guy just saw me in an outfit where my cleavage was showing and I was wearing bloomers and chaps and my butt was showing.”

The article covers other similar issues that cosplayers sometimes deal with in the media, in terms of the public’s perception of what, exactly, they’re doing dressed up as a colorful character.

Another cosplayer, Riki, is also quoted at length in the article. She discusses the portrayal of some of her fellow cosplayers in a Men’s Fitness article; the article poked fun at some cosplayers, rather than presenting them in a respectful manner:

“What’s a real shame is, I was at New York and there were a lot of amazingly fit people and they didn’t bother to take a picture of them. They just go for the geeks,” Riki said. “You see them making fun of geeks because they feel like we’re easy fodder cause we’re not going to fight back.”

Riki is involved with Cosplay for a Cause, an organization whose website has a specific goal: We are currently offering a 2012 calendar which contains international cosplayers with many never before seen photos. 100% of all our proceeds will be going to the Japanese Red Cross society.

CNN’s cosplay piece probably doesn’t offer much that those invested in the culture don’t already know, but it’s still worth a read. It’s a pretty well-written article that shows some of the issues that cosplayers have to deal with.

All quotes in this post from CNN’s piece; read it for the whole story.

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