Cold Stone Creamery Japan will release special ice creams using high-class Amaou strawberries! Both “Amaou” and “Chocolate Amaou” items will be on sale nationwide from January 15 until early April of 2016.

Amaou is an acronym for ‘a’kai (red), ‘ma’rui (round), ‘o’okii (big), and ‘u’mai (delicious), and is a special type of strawberry picked in Fukuoka. Cold Stone mixed these strawberries with sponge cake and whipped cream, along with French vanilla ice cream to create a spectacular new product.


This year, Cold Stone has also introduced a new menu: the Chocolate Amaou. This menu item combines rich bitter chocolate ice cream with a mixture of Amaou and whipped cream, and is topped with such strawberries and pound cake. Even the pound cake has Amaou mixed inside, so you can enjoy the rich taste of strawberry throughout.

Cold Stone’s ice cream is known for its thickness, and its high amount of milk fat. This ice cream matches perfectly with the large, sweet Amaou strawberries. Enjoy the plentiful combination of ice cream and strawberries!

Cold Stone Creamery Winter Creation “Amaou” and “Chocolate Amaou”

Dates: 2016.01.15 – early April
Stores: Cold Stone Creamery stores nationwide
Price: ¥680 (one size, waffle bowl or cone included)


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