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Okay, It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog – or anything for that matter but after shooing away a few keyboard dust bunnies and setting up camp, I’m back!

The topic I would like to touch on today are the ‘Anime Eyes’ or ‘Wide-Eyed’ contact lens craze. I will admit I am pretty excited about them, I mean who wouldn’t? To finally achieve the ultra sexy, hypnotic, come-hither Anime eye is so cool! SUGOI!

Just in case you are not very familiar with this craze… let me do a quick description note. ‘Anime Eyes’ are special contact lenses that have an extended dark ring around the outside of the lens. This gives you the illusion of having larger eyes, just like the overly hot sexy eyes seen in Anime. The contact lenses are also known as ‘Circle Lenses’, if you do a search for these lenses you will be overwhelmed indeed. The lenses, originated in Korea and Japan years ago and just recently entered mainstream fashion with the help of Lady GaGa.

Even though being awesome, stylish and sexy, they do come with little red flags. The most unsettling of the PROS and CONS of the lenses are the safety issues – as with any contact lenses, these have a wee bit more cautions. Since these lenses are not regulated by the FDA and not sold in the U.S. from licensed optometrists, purchasing from overseas companies is pretty iffy.

The health risks of non-regulated lenses is a major issue. Contact lenses are specially measured to fit an individuals unique eye shape. Most of the ‘Anime Eyes’ companies sell standard sizes, which do not fit all and can cause severe eye damage such as infections, vision problems and even blindness.

Many people have been wearing these lenses for years and have not had any problems. They will testify to make sure you purchase high quality lenses, follow contact lense safety to the letter and limit the time wearing them – 3 to 5 hours a day. Quite a few also stated to give your eye a break from wearing them every so often – wear a couple weeks and take a week off.

The best thing to do is to discuss these lenses with your Optomotrist before you purchase a pair online. Especially if you have never worn contact lenses before. There is a lot of tender loving care that needs to be addressed when dealing with your eyes.

I think these lenses are a pretty neat idea and look fantastic on both men and women. Colored lenses are not just for cosplay anymore. I do suggest if you are considering purchasing a pair to be cautious and smart about it. Being sexy and stylish is great, but won’t make a difference if you can’t see.

‘Till next time!

Circle Lens via ABC News
Anime Contacts via MSN.com


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