Sugi takes latte art to a whole new level by using syrup and chocolate sauce to create colorful latte art. His work will make you think he does this for a living, but he’s actually a salaryman at an IT company, and mainly creates latte art because it makes people happy. Also, he has no tricks up his sleeves as he uses a regular espresso machine and milk foamer. Amazing! Sugoi! Check out the whole interview and more pictures of the process at Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Sugi in the process of finishing Akemi Homura latte art

Winnie the Pooh

Yoshi and Baby Mario

Madoka Kaname

Hatsune Miku

Colossus Titan

Sailor Moon

Sugi makes 3D latte art too! Rascal the Raccoon


Video of Sugi making Naruto latte art

Check out more pictures at his Tokyo Otaku Mode page. Sugi also takes requests too so hit him up on twitter!

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