Right at this very moment, comic book/movie/game/tv show/cult/pop culture obsessors are converging in San Diego, California, for the yearly Comic-Con convention. Once there, everyone will stand in lines to see panels for all types of things, such as upcoming films like TRON: LEGACY and SALT and SCOTT PILGRIM and THE GREEN LANTERN and so on.

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the convention, much to my disappointment…I haven’t ever been to one, and I found out about this one much too late…tickets were way sold out by the time I became interested. You snooze, you lose, right??

Well, as with any convention, a lot of attendees are sure to go dressed as their favorite Sailor Moon character, Mario Brother, Marvel superhero or who knows what else, and thankfully Rotten Tomatoes has a page up where they will be posting people in their cosplay costumes for the rest of the convention.

Things officially started up today, so head over to the Rotten Tomatoes page and remain updated on what silly/outlandish/impressive/amazing outfits people bring to the convention center.

I wonder if that Iron Man guy will be there…..

–Adrian G.

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