I was about to sleep until one of my friends posted this link on my Facebook Timeline. (Gosh, that sounds weird to say… because it used to be Facebook “WALL.”) I thought this was pretty cool so I decided to share this with you before sleeping!

Blogger comixmaniac talks about how big the anime One Piece is, so big that it has become part of Japan’s culture. From phone charms to Luffy’s Bible, characters from One Piece are being plastered all over toys in souvenir shops.

Haha! Hello Kitty x Tony Tony Chopper!

I found it interesting that she also brought up that there are people who are fans of One Piece but not interested in other Animes. I know friends who are like that.

There’s even a Japanese author who critically analyze the series (which I would REALLY love to read about). It’s interesting that One Piece has gotten to the point where it could be academically studied.

Well, I wouldn’t want to spoil the post too much for you. Check it out for yourself! It’s a great read, plus, there are great drawings!

Source:  http://ithinkincomics.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/one-piece-isnt-an-anime-its-a-way-of-life/
Pictures by: comixmaniac

Jason Vong

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  1. I agree,, i watch all the episodes of one piece,, i read all the manga series too.. this anime is not like the other anime..it has goal

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