Cosplay Contest at L.A. Screening of Evangelion 3.0

For those that don’t know, Evangelion 3.0 will be screened at various U.S. locations (here’s a list of all the locations) but specifically at the Los Angeles screening at the Downtown Independent there will be a cosplay contest hosted by Eleven Arts, FUNimation, and Cherry Jelly Productions where participants can win Evangelion-related prizes. All participants in the contest will also be able to watch the movie for free. Downtown Independent is a pretty cool theater where indie and anime films are shown a lot. If the name seems familiar, it’s where the Hatsune Miku Live Viewing was held. Be sure to support the theater so they can continue to bring events like this to the L.A. area.

As for the movie, it’s not my favorite of the new Evangelion movies but I feel this was done to make the fourth movie more enjoyable. Originally, there were only go to be three Evangelion movies but it is now four and I personally believe that they used Evangelion 3.0 for the exposition of the series that the first two movies didn’t cover. That’s why the movie seems weaker than the previous two to many. Hopefully the fourth movie will be much better because of this. I hope this doesn’t deter any one from watching the movie, though. Despite it only serving its purpose as an exposition dump, it’s still important to the series and is the first time the movies strayed drastically from the original series. Fans of existential-mech animes should give this movie a shot.

Theater listings: Eleven Arts (it’s really tiny for some reason so you should copy and paste the list into a word processor so you don’t have to squint.)

Tickets for Los Angeles screening: Downtown Independent

Facebook page for cosplay contest: Cherry Jelly Productions

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