So here we have some great photos thanks to the internet. What we have are probably the worst cosplay (minus Man-Faye) people of all time. Whether it is self aware or not (I think most are not) these cannot cease to make me laugh, so thank you to the fearless Cosplayers that made this post possible, and keep doin your thing.

You know this guy’s friends had to talk him out of showing more skin. Cuz he wanted to.

Some nice variations here, ok so, we have nerdy, handicapped pikachu and hard-core bad-ass bank-robbing pikachu.

Take a second to enjoy these.

How this guy’s morning went:
“Shit I am sooooo excited to wear my thundercat costume to the office today that I spend months making! Shit, where are my shoes? Meh, fuck it too stoked about the sword and my green mittens that I improvised”

To be fair, this girl is the hottest of all her friends. And she already had the ears, so….

Master of disguise

To be fair, this comfortable costume is probably the go-to for over 300 lb cosplayers. It’s comfortable damnit!!!!

The only obvious caption: FOILED!!

This guy has it right…if you are going to fail…FAIL HARD!!!

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  1. The first one is infamous. He’s Sailor Bubba. He has a bobble-head doll! And how can you not include MAN-FAYE! The most famous of cosplay fails! 😀 I love man-faye with all my being. xD HAHAHA

  2. Haha man-faye is the best. i did have a man-faye disclaimer, just because he had a whole post dedicated to him a few months ago, so we’re gonna leave the man-faye coverage at that…for now. maybe we can post a tribute every year or so to those creamy thighs and hairy stomach. o god. just grossed myself out.

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