Premium BANDAI, the official BANDAI shopping site, is accepting reservations with limited quantity for the figure of G.E. M series remix NARUTO – Shippuuden Uzumaki Naruto and I am Sasuke by Masashi Kishimoto.
This figure reproduces the cover illustration of the volume 17 NARUTO comic.
It is a figure that reproduces the situation full of dynamism. Naruto is spreading the scroll and dancing in the sky and Sasuke is standing in a semi-crouching position. They stand back to back.
The original form production of the fugure of Naruto was created by Take (Arai Kogyo). Sasuke was created by Tomoka (Arai Kogyo).
It is a masterpiece that has challenged tracing the image of the comic from creating the original form by a pair of people.

Price is 9990 yen
Sales will be closed as soon as the preparation quantity is reached. Shipping will be in late May.
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