Yesterday, a review was posted on of the screening of Hatsune Miku‘s Live Party 2011 event, which took place last Thursday, November 10th.

The author, the New York Japanese Culture Examiner Justin Tedaldi, wrote a pretty good recap of the night’s events, which featured the screening playing to a “capacity Times Square crowd”. He does a good job describing the phenomenon of Hatsune Miku & Vocaloid singers to an audience that may not otherwise fully understand what it’s about:

Hatsune Miku, whose name means “first sound of the future,” is a Vocaloid (meaning machine-made vocals) digital female avatar and the most popular of Crypton Future Media characters that employ Yamaha technology to create synthesized vocal tracks, similar to Auto-Tune. In Japan, Miku is massively successful and has appeared in numerous popular video games and music videos, and her Sailor Moon-meets-Avril Lavigne image (she is a teen idol, after all) is equally fanboy and fangirl friendly.

Read the rest of the article for more of his insight.

Were you at one of the Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 screenings? Let us know!

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