Have you ever tried to eat greasy potato chips while typing at your computer, but failed miserably? Well, thanks to Takara Tomy, you can enjoy a delicious bag of chips and a sparkling clean keyboard with the amazing Potato Chip Hand. Watch as Johansen explains its magnificence with great enthusiasm.

At first, I thought this was a really stupid idea, but then I thought about my past battles between my desire to snack and my desire to keep my computer clean, and Johansen became a savior. This is but one of the many toys Takara Tomy has made to accompany classic Japanese snacks. This next one is pretty darn cool though. It turns your favorite Garigari-Kun flavor into kakigori, Japanese shaved ice. Garigari-Kun is the go-to popsicle in Japan. It’s cheap (60 yen) and you have a chance of winning one for free.

They also made something for Umaibo (delicious stick), which is one of the most popular dagashi, old-school Japanese snacks that kids could buy with coins. They come in a variety of flavors, like chocolate, curry, and tonkatsu sauce, and only cost 10 yen to this day.

Let’s give Tomy an A for effort. Speaking of being creative with your Umaibo, check out this artist, Koshi Kawachi, and his project called, Umai Butsu or Tasty Buddha, in which he carved out Umaibo into Buddha sculptures.

Kawachi has also created art works with other snacks. Check them out below:


Oasis~limited green~

He used bits of seaweed to create these.

Embalming~Baby Star~

(Baby Star is a popular crispy noodle snack).

Top of the World

For this he used a technique called Gyotaku, which is a Japanese traditional form of fish printing that fishermen used to record their catches.


Pretty cool, no? After reading this post, I hope next time you’re munching on some Japanese snacks, you can have more fun with them!

Visit Kawachi’s gallery to see more of his works.


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