These unique scooters are customized by their owners with more than just original paint jobs. Some of them look like they were built using parts from a few different motorcycles and put back together to ride lower to the ground. I wonder if these custom Japanese scooters are street legal. I can’t seem to find any videos of people riding these things.

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  1. As long as the scooters are under 400cc, you are allowed to modify. This includes using hydraulics to lower the suspension. Before moving off the suspension is raised, otherwise speed bumps would be a problem. I am buying one of these scoots for the mean streets of London and should be ready in next weeknor two! I’ll send you pics when it is! I love these modified super scooters which should be ridden to Capsule’s ‘Super Scooter Happy’ song!

  2. Do anyone of you guys know any link or website to find this japanese custom parts? Please reply

  3. Yup. I have a tmax and I’m searching high and low for custom parts. Can’t understand Japanese though.

  4. Hi I have a Suzuki Burgman an400 2008 model can anyone tell me if I can find the fairing kit as the ones above thanks

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