Oh~ false lashes, you make my eyes look purrrty every single time I put you guys on.  I bet there are many girls out there who have tried various brands in the search for the perfect pair.  Girls, look no further since I found THE brand that makes false lashes for everyone! It is a Japanese company called D.U.P

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 11.44.55 AM

D.U.P  has over 50 designs and some designs are a collaboration with top model Aiku Maikawa from popular magazine CanCam.


My favorite is this one! It has volume yet it looks natural at the same time.deux_909_detail-1

They also have this awesome series: Secret Line

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 1.05.32 PM

This eyelash collection is so light that when you have them on, you forget that you have false lashes on! wow

Also, this company makes the best adhesive- EYELASHES FIXER EX.  Yes, it is the top selling glue in Japan.  Compared to the adhesive you can buy in the States, the EYELASHES FIXER EX is like God of lash adhesive.  I only use this glue.  It is that good.


If you want to check out their whole collection click HERE!


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  1. I’ll have to try to see if I can find some D.U.P lash glue. I personally like Shu Uemura lash glue but, once you tug on them they come off pretty quick unlike the pic above!

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