Da-ice Major Debut Single Ranked #2 on Oricon

Da-ice is a new Japanese dance-vocal group whose major debut single was ranked #2 on the Oricon daily single chart in the beginning of this
year. Now that they just released their first major album, let’s find out why they are so popular and how they quickly became a top ranking artist!

YouTube 2nd Single PV

The name “Da-ice” derives from the idea that dice is not complete unless they are 5 of them plus the audience. I don’t know if this ”one-world-ness” is coming from Avex family motto, but judging from the way they talk in some interviews, these boys are nothing but sweet and friendly. And Japanese media describes them with unique catch-phrase like “facial standard score of 75” or “Tokyo University Graduate in Handsome World.” They sound strange but what they mean is simple, these boys are handsome! As you all know, there are other handsome boy groups like EXILE and Johnny’s Jr, but Da-ice is different. They are different from EXILE in the way that EXILE is muscular, powerful, and of course MANLY, whereas Da-ice seems to push their own “vulnerability” that is often associated with girls’ maternal instinct. They are different from Johnny’s Jr because Johnny’s Jr boys are sometimes not quite there when it comes to performing on stage (no offense), whereas Da-ice is a group of highly-trained and skillful dancers and vocalists, performing for a number of well-known stages and major events, including the same Avex group, AAA.

Dance Practice Video

Some of you may notice but their hairstyle and performance resemble K-Pop artists like Big Bang. They also have the dance practice video upload on YouTube which is what most K-Pop groups did to go viral on  the Internet and become more popular. As the K-Pop movement is slowly regressing in Japanese music scene, perhaps Da-ice might have found a perfect position as a genuine Japanese artist who can dance and sing, with their charismatic look.

~ Written by Ken

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