Daikon oroshi is grated daikon (white radish) that is used as a condiment in Japanese cuisine. One dish in which almost everyone uses daikon oroshi is nabe (Japanese hot pot), so most of the daikon oroshi art you’ll see will include some nabe as well. Recently, there was a segment on daikon oroshi art on Mezamashi TV, a popular Japanese show, which lead a bunch of people to start making their own work and sharing it on Twitter. So unlike the Azurers, daikon oroshi art is actually popular in Japan, which means more kawaii pictures!

This cute family of capybaras taking a dip in the hot spring made out of nabe was created by Twitter user @moriiiiiin. She is a graphic designer and visits capybaras at the zoo and creates capybara artwork on her free time. The little towels on their heads were made with boo choy, and she used soy sauce to color the daikon oroshi brown and shiso paste for the pink mouths.


Capybara in it’s own little onsen.

Totoro by @sweetsweetdays

Cat by @higekita1

Miffy by @komememo

Elephant by @hinazou319‘s friend

Roosters by @wanko_daikichi

Rilakkuma by @miotama

Funassyi by @sayakaaame

Pikachu by @sayakaaame‘s husband

Duffy the Disney Bear by @mayoeriko

A Handsome Alpaca by @kimimaro0802

Panda by @kimimaro0802

Polar bear by @kimimaro0802

Frog by @yoshigarden

Rabbit by @ran_angeldust

Polar bear by @sako_dandan


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