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Full-fledged J-POP dance & vocal sensation formed in Osaka, Japan, Dancing Dolls is your latest discovery at this year’s Anime Expo. Three of its core members, Misaki, Mii and Hono will be performing their hit singles as well as various Vocaloid covers which make you feel the 3D characters came to real life.

Following 10 million plus social video views, Dancing Dolls made their major record debut from Sony Music with “Touch- A.S.A.P.-/Shanghai Darling” in Sept, 2012. Choreographed by Misaki, the leader of the group, their razor sharp dance moves and powerful vocal skills distinguish them from other idol groups, but still holds the J-POP essence and sensibilities.

Don’t miss their US performance premier at following AX stages:

– 7/1  5:00pm Opening Ceremony

– 7/1  6:00pm Community Stage

– 7/2  2:00pm AX Dance – J-POP Dance Battle (Guest Performance)

– 7/3  2:00pm AX Dance – Talent Symposium (meet & greet)

– 7/3  7:30pm AX Dance Party Opening Performance

and more…

Stay tuned for the latest announcement at their official pages:






Ring Dong” (original)

Clean Freak” (vocaloid cover) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20284590

Life Reset Button” (vocaloid cover) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19446331

and more….

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