The original members of Dancing Dolls, the J-POP dance & vocal unit, Dancing Dolls R. made an astonishing US performance debut at Anime Expo in Los Angeles this past summer, and will join Japan’s coolest high-school singer/song writer, MIREI (Mirei Touyama) at SACANIME as the main musical guests. They will perform full live concerts along with meet & greet, guest judging K-POP Battle, and more! You may expect to see their special collaboration which could blow your mind and re-define female J-POP artists! Don’t miss and see you there!!

Dancing Dolls R

Following 10 million plus social video views, Dancing Dolls made their major record debut from Sony Music with “TouchA.S.A.P.-/Shanghai Darling” in Sept, 2012. Choreographed by Misaki, the leader of the group, their razor sharp dance moves and powerful vocal skills distinguish them from other idol groups, but still hold the J-POP essence and sensibilities. Their EPs including “monochrome”, “Ring Dong” and their major debut singe “Touch- A.S.A.P.-/Shanghai Darling” are available at iTunes Store worldwide and the music video for each title tracks are also available at Vevo!

MIREI (Mirei Touyama)

This 18 years old Japanese high schooler is definitely a new kind of singer song writer representing her own SNS generation. She won Japan’s biggest dance competition, being featured in one of the top Gospel Choirs in America, and also released a commercial US single, Tattoo when she was only 14. This summer, she made her major debut with the 12 song album set, titled “My Way” from Sony Music Japan and charted #1 on iTunes. She was also featured by Radio Fish for their summer smash, “Golden Tower” that is being viewed more than 9 million times on YouTube between the live version and the official MV.

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