Danganronpa 2 September 2nd release in NA

Everybody’s favorite Battle Royale Simulator-that’s surprisingly even crazier and more messed up than BR- is getting a dated release in North America. In Japan, the game was bundled with the first Dangan Ronpa but when localizing the North American publisher most likely wanted to gauge the interest in the series so the game was split. Looks like the first game sold well enough for them to release the second game. (This is all speculation by the way.) Despite all this, it’s a pain to have to buy both games while Japan gets them in a single release. Though I am glad that it’s actually been localized. Here’s the official sellsheet from Atlus.

This is the only picture of Danganronpa 2 I'm going to include. The extremely rare tsundere chubby dude.
This is the only picture of Danganronpa 2 I’m going to include. The extremely rare tsundere chubby dude.

Source: Gematsu

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Also, here’s a short blurb about the first game. If you’re too lazy to click the link, here it is after the jump:

“This isn’t a horror game in the typical sense as there are no scary monsters out to get you (arguable) or anything supernatural happening to the protagonists. However, it IS still a murder mystery that plays like a fusion between Phoenix Wright and the 999 series where you attend a school with the country’s unconventionally “elite” students. However, turns out you’re not really going to high school but instead participating in a Lord of the Flies/Battle Royale/Hunger Games-esque survival game where you MUST be able to commit a murder of one of your fellow classmates without anyone finding out. The game is text-heavy as it IS a visual novel but the plot is interesting enough to keep your attention.”

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