Dark Souls Café opens up in Japan

The infamously difficult game series that has broken many a controller last generation has been bestowed with its own café in the Nishi Azabu-area in Japan. The café has opened up to promote the release of Dark Souls 2 which is scheduled to release on March 13 in Japan.


With it being a Dark Souls café and all, it has been furnished with props from the series such as the bonfire save point. There are even waitresses cosplaying in fantasy-themed attire to fit the mood of the café. The only way to make it feel more like Dark Souls is to allow patrons “invade” the other patrons while they eat. For example, you could be drinking some cream soup and someone jumps at you and smacks that spoon right out of your hand. It won’t stop you from being able to finish what you’ve paid for but it’ll be damn hard and annoying at times…just like the game.

It wouldn’t be a themed establishment in Japan without cute, cosplaying waitresses.


 Source: Dengeki Online

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