There are many maid cafes and idol cafes around Japan.  Of course the sacred place is Akihabara, and I just found out that there is a club that is the most recognized to otakus called Dear Stage!

The entrance is right next to this eye catching graffiti on a shutter.

At Dear Stage, the staffs that serve you are girls and boys who are aiming to be an anime voice actor or idols. PLUS, you can even have a vocaloid serve you (but you can only see her thru the tv screen placed next to you).

Another factor that this place is so special is because there is a performance stage and idols sing and dance nightly.  There are currently 40 idols/groups that produce their own stage.

If you want to check out the staffs at Dear Stage click here.  Sounds interesting enough? This should be on your list if you ever visit Akihabara.


There aren’t much info about this place but on it says

Dear Stage is a performance space for Akihabara’s distinct brand of singing idols. Almost every night, demure young women bounce on stage and belt out high-pitched covers of anime theme songs and ‘dempa’ (radio wave) music. On Friday and Saturday evenings, events can last deep into the night.

The space is cramped, splashed with neon paint and filled with otaku who launch into a frenzy of semi-coordinated dancing and chanting called ‘otagei’ when singers hit the stage. Literally meaning ‘otaku art,’ otagei is all about getting the crowd fired up and energizing the idol. Some fans tear off their shirts and flail about like burn victims. Admission runs between ¥1,500 and ¥3,000, but the show is as much about the rabid fans as the singers on stage.

Dear Stage

Dempa Building, Soto-Kanda 3-10-9, Chiyoda-ku

tel. 03 5207 9181


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