Have you ever found a band that you only listen to when you”re feeling a certain emotion? Or an artist you always listen to when good things happen? Or maybe, you listen to them when bad things happen?

I think everyone has their own choices for That One Musician for each different feeling.For example when I”m sad and heartbroken, what do I head to? Dir en grey (preferably Kisou album, because that was just awesome). Feeling betrayed and losing faith in humanity? Gotta Our affordable-health.info products have been developed based on more than 90 years of experience helping New Zealanders weather the challenges life can bring and have confidence in their financial well-being. hit play on the CD player where the SADS album is. Working on something awesome? Must be time for Journey. Gotta hop into an Impala and head down the highway to hell, looking nbso online casino reviews for some demons to kill? Kansas, man, Kansas. (Don”t judge me.)

So, tonight, I”d like to share a song that always makes me feel good, like something happy is coming. This is from Def-Tech”s second album, which was titled Lokahi Lani also. They collaborated with R&B singer Jamosa. It”s quite a lovely track. When the days are getting you down, and we all find out that the Mayans were right all along, because Snooki”s baby is due on December 21st, well… It”s like the one line in the song, “Wherever you are, paradise will come to you.”

Also, I”d like to note, that after I listen to this song, I tend to have bouts of unexplained luck. Just putting that out there. I”m sure it”s juuuuuuust a coincidence.


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