Umino Seaweed Shop is a company that brings together high-quality seaweed and traditional Japanese designs to create fancy nori. The owner, Umino Hiroyuki, created these aesthetically pleasing sheets of seaweed, because seaweed consumption has been declining since the tsunami of 2011. The patterns are cut with a laser cutter, and the company is considering using the leftover clippings for furikake (condiment for rice). Each sheet will cost you ¥840 (~$8.60). Now that’s an expensive sushi roll! You’d think with such a great product they would have an online store, but unfortunately they’re not selling them online.


534297_503608639660438_150167442_nCrane and Turtle

563294_379808072040496_243549496_nPlovers on Waves

563294_379808075373829_1372004522_nBamboos and Plum Blossoms on Stripes

563294_379808078707162_1741580364_nFlowers Enclosed in Circles




For more information, check out Rocket News 24’s interview with Mr. Umino. Also, be sure to check out their facebook page for more pictures.

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