JAPAN NIGHT Taiwan was held at National Taiwan University Sports Center on May 23, 2015 (Saturday). VAMPS, the GazettE, and The BONEZ arrived in Taipei on the previous day, May 22. The Taiwan media were invited to “JAPAN NIGHT in Taipei Reception” at 19:00 on that day.

Approximately 200 fans and 30 Taiwan media outlets showed up at Taipei Songshan airport to welcome the three bands. The anticipation for the event could be felt at full force. JAPAN NIGHT in TAIPEI Reception” was held just a few hours later. The purpose of the reception was for the performing artists and the local media to mingle. A large-scale press conference was held at the first international “JAPAN NIGHT”, held in Jakarta. This time, the reception was held at a first class hotel in an ideal atmosphere.


Taiwanese DJ and radio personality, DJ Agwen, was the MC for the event. “Yell with the power of Japanese music” and “Japanese music to the world” are themes of “JAPAN NIGHT”. When they talked about the joy of the second “JAPAN NIGHT” being held in Taiwan, the media gave huge applause.

“JAPAN NIGHT” chairman Masahiro Oishi said that there were two reasons that Taiwan was chosen. The first reason was the physical and spiritual closeness of Taiwan to Japan; the convenience of being able to fly to Taiwan in three hours and the deepness of the history with Taiwan. There is Japanese signage in many places, and the city is approachable and friendly. Another reason is that Taiwan is centrally located and is a good hub for Asia. Many things are expected from Taiwan, not only in the entertainment industry, but also in economics. These things were discussed before “JAPAN NIGHT” was started.

The reception was held as a casual standing style party. DJ Agwen introduced the performing artists for “JAPAN NIGHT” Taipei, and The BONEZ, VAMPS, and the GazettE came out in huge applause. HYDE greeted everybody with “Ni Hao!” and hieghtened the party mood.

The performing artists then mingled directly with the media during the one-hour reception party. The GazettE’s RUKI said, “There were tremendous screams when we stepped outside the airport in Taiwan. I was happy and shocked (laughs).” It was as though his thoughts on the passion and energy of the local fans that he had heard about exceeded his expectations. When asked about Taiwanese cuisine, REITA said, “I want to eat xiaolongbao but I also want to challenge myself to stinky tofu (chodofu).” He made everybody laugh when he said, “If the concert is a success, we will all eat chodofu right there on the spot.

DJ Agwen asked, “You’ve eaten chodofu, but what about pigs blood?” HYDE answered “We are vampires, but we can’t do pigs blood (laughs).” When asked, “Will there be any surprises during the concert?”, he replied, “If K.A.Z. is in a good mood, I will breath fire.” He continued, “There are so many cool bands this time, I’m excited.

JESSE said, “I’ve been to Taiwan many times, and there is a reason why the Taiwan audience is so passionate. There are many young people who say ‘The BONEZ’ lyrics changed my life’, even though the language is totally different. The passion and delicateness of the Taiwanese people are very similar to the Japanese. That’s why we come time and time again. I feel that it is a lifelong relationship.” His talk was mixed with English, which made it easy for him to directly communicate with the media.

There was a photo session, just before the toast. With a “1, 2, 3, GANBEI” in Chinese, they prayed for the success of “JAPAN NIGHT” Taipei. Finally, each band thanked the local media and spoke about their thoughts on the upcoming concert.

The Tokyo Olympics will be held five years from now, in 2020. It will be the second time that Japan hosts the Olympics. This has not happened anywhere else in Asia. Japan has a foundation of creating trends. We are a Japanese rock band, and we want to move the hearts and bodies of the audience.” –JESSE

This is our first time in Taiwan, but I think that performing to an audience as a band is the same everywhere. We want to show you the coolest parts of Japan through “JAPAN NIGHT”. We hope to put on our best show yet.” –RUKI

VAMPS have been away on a one-month U.S. tour. We are starving right now and are in a state where we can put on a good show that goes back to our origins. Please look forward to it.” –HYDE

★”JAPAN NIGHT” Taipei started at 18:00 (19:00 Japan time) on May 23, 2015 at National Taiwan University Sports Center. Click here for “JAPAN NIGHT” Taipei live report and a photo gallery. 

Report and text: Yasuo Kajiwara (BARKS)
Photos: Hideaki Imamoto

Source and Images: barks.jp

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