Dir en grey are a very popular Japanese metal band. They are known for their visual kei roots, their insane live shows, and their possibly psychopathic lead singer (don”t judge, I was dared to describe him as such.) After a period of stagnation and lackluster shows and rather crap single releases with re-recordings of early songs as B-sides, Dir en grey are finally releasing a new album. The name of their new album is Dum Spiro Spero. Dir en grey are known for obscure names and references they use to make their fans think and hunt for the meanings. So, when the album name was announced, everyone wondered… what does it mean?

If one were to google search the phrase, sans Dir en grey”s name, one would find that “Dum spiro spero” is actually a Latin phrase for “While I breathe, I hope”. Generally it is believed that the ancient Roman philosopher Cisero is the one who said it first, but… who knows? It is also, interestingly enough, the motto of the state of South Carolina. This is a rather curious choice! Dir en grey are the epitome of misery and despair. They have been quoted on countless occasions saying, that they will never write a happy song.

Perhaps, considering how lackluster online casino their latest releases have been, a change of outlook and direction will be what saves this band. Whether the album will be good… remains to be seen. Dum Spiro Spero hits iTunes and other outlets where music may be acquired on August 3rd, 2011. Perhaps I sound skeptical about this new release. Perhaps a fan who is disillusioned by an artist”s new releases should stop following them, but I keep hoping that the band that made me fall in love with making music, will once more make music that inspires me. So many people, when asked, what is their inspiration, their reason for living, their biggest love, their favorite band, will reply, Dir en grey. So many hopes and dreams rest on a band that supposedly will never make a hopeful song…. makes one wonder, doesn”t it??

~Track List~
01. Kyoukotsu no Nari
04. AMON
05. “Yokusou ni DREAM BOX” Arui wa Seijaku no Rinen to Tsumetai Ame
06. Juuyoku
07. Shitataru Mourou
10. Akatsuki
12. Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami
14. Ruten no Tou


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  1. Very poorly written, lack of serious outlook, etc.

    Sorry that they don’t dress like trannies anymore

  2. I’d like to clarify something. I have nothing against the fact that Dir en grey are adapting a more Western sound, and no longer dress like transsexual hookers, something you would notice if you’d read my latest post, about the release of Different Sense. I had the (mis?)fortune of attending several of their live shows last August, which were kinda crap; also, while Lotus and Hageshisa to… were good, I did not appreciate the somewhat half-assed re-recordings of their early material. They should have just left those songs alone.
    As for poorly written, well, so is your comment 🙂

  3. I have to agree with the author. I am a fan of Dir en grey. I came into the scene after they became westernized, so my thoughts on them have nothing to do with their old VK days. Matter of fact, I don’t even like the majority of those songs. I only like what they put out once their VK days were coming to an end. That being said:

    Many of Diru’s songs have become 1 whole song. What does that mean? That means I can look through their last few albums and string all of the fast paced songs together and they all sound the same. I can grab all of their slower songs and they are all the same. The songs that are good are extremely short. Like they just had no idea what else to do with it but didn’t want to waste a perfectly good piece of music and threw it on an album.

    By no means am I saying they suck. Because they don’t (although Kyo’s vocal tolerance is up for debate. I enjoy his singing when he’s not sounding like a pig being slaughtered.). They’re extremely talented artists, especially Shinya. His drumming is what drew me to that band to begin with, coupled with Kaoru and Die’s guitar skills.
    All of that gets looked over if all they’re putting out are repeats of the singles they’ve already released in the past. They re-did songs that I enjoyed as they were. I understand that possibly they wanted to make the sound fit with what it is that they’re playing now, but these songs are apart of their history that helped make them great. Dont fix whats not broken.

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