Well, well, well. Dir en grey have done it again… released a great song, that is. Different Sense came out yesterday, amidst much rejoicing from fans everywhere. The song had been leaked a day or two in advance. While some of the fans who listen just because it”s Japanese will complain that Dir en grey are starting to sound more and more like Western metal, others describe it as an excellent foray into the lands of death metal. I”m not one for mucking about with what”s the difference between death metal, doom metal, black metal, and hello kitty metal (if there such a thing anyway). This is a much more mature sound for Dir en grey, a band that is starting to grow into their full potential, and stepping up to the global stage with a heavy sound that still keeps the echoes of the melodic 90s visual sound that they”d debuted with. Quite possibly, we are looking here at the most successful Japanese metal band since LOUDNESS. Hopefully, they will take it farther than their forefathers did.

Dir en grey”s largely silent lead singer, Kyo, was the one to write the announcement of the latest release this time around, rather than the leader, guitarist Kaoru. The following appeared on Dir En Grey”s Official Facebook fan page yesterday evening:

We released “DIFFERENT SENSE” today.
You know what saddens us.
There is no need for an explanation.
I”m grateful from the bottom of my heart to all our fans who see this and wait for our releases patiently.
I hope to see DIR EN GREY grow together with you from now on.

Human growth
There are many kinds
It”s all very difficult…
But there is nothing but good things at online casino the end of the path of growth
Never be drowned in greed, just living as humans do
I hope to be able to grow with all of you.

As the DIR EN GREY in our present
We, the band, went through a lot of hardship
Spending many years to put our all
Into “DUM SPIRO SPERO” which will soon be released.

The cover art, the booklet
The design, everything is “DUM SPIRO SPERO”
Please look forward to it.
And if you gain something from “DIFFERENT SENSE”
Then there is nothing more I can ask for.

To all of you who hold strong to your hearts.
Thank you very much.


Everyone dreams of their favorite band becoming that ONE legendary band that everyone respects and cites as their inspiration and the reason THEY themselves are a musician. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Johnny Cash, the Beatles, Metallica… we all know those names. Dir en grey are a band that inspire many people all around the world. They have their ups and downs, but the fact is, they”ve been going strong since 1998 now… so they probably aren”t about to stop. One hopes, they aren”t about to stop. One hopes, someday, people will say, Dir en grey and everyone will know what the name stands for. So, we all wait with bated breath until the full album is released.

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