DIR EN GREY TOUR 2013 GHOUL in North America (that includes you, Canada!)


Herp derp. Canada is part of North America, right? RIGHT?! Answer me somebody… O_O Oh well, the important thing is, popular Visual Kei band, DIR EN GREY, is making their return to the States and The Great White North in the Fall with their tour title: “DIR EN GREY TOUR 2013 GHOUL”, so get excited… if you’re a major DIR EN GREY fan!

Here are the details from their official Facebook!

DIR EN GREY TOUR 2013 GHOUL in the United States & Canada

Nov 03 – Trees – Dallas, TX / U.S.
Nov 04 – Scout Bar – Houston, TX / U.S.
Nov 06 – Center Stage – Atlanta, GA / U.S.
Nov 08 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD / U.S.
Nov 09 – The Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA / U.S.
Nov 11 – Irving Plaza – New York, NY / U.S.
Nov 12 – Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA / U.S.
Nov 14 – The Opera House – Toronto, ON / CANADA
Nov 16 – House of Blues – Chicago, IL / U.S.
Nov 17 – The Varsity Theater – Minneapolis, MN / U.S.
Nov 21 – Showbox at the Market – Seattle, WA / U.S.
Nov 23 – The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center – San Francisco, CA / U.S.
Nov 24 – House of Blues Sunset Strip – West Hollywood, CA / U.S. (woot!! :D)

<General Sale starts: SAT, Jul 20, 2013 — 10AM MDT>
Nov 19 – The Bluebird Theatre – Denver, CO / U.S.

Apparently, tickets are available now! Check out their Facebook App to learn how you can order your tickets!

Such a great set of places for the band to hit up, surely even if you are from a neighboring state cannot resist making some travel plans and head out to catch this awesome band! Is it just me or are J-Rock bands beginning to make their triumph again overseas? What I would like to see now is a return of another massive, blown-out concert of Super Mega J-Rock stars like the one that happened in 2007 at The Wiltern. Need a refresh in memory? Here’s an interview that they have done with the fans and the bands.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgJCUF7uLrg’]

Show of hands, who will be attending DIR EN GREY show(s)? Don’t lie to me, I know one of you out there who would be willing to go to EVERY SINGLE CONCERT. That’s right, I am pointing at you, buddy.

Source: DIR EN GREY Official Facebook

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