Last night, I had the privilege to attend DIR EN GREY last US show of their GHOUL tour and let me tell you I had a kick ass time! All the excitement didn’t hit me until I talked to the fans in line (the fan interview video will be up on YouTube soon!) and they got me super hyped for this metal show in a few short hours!

I was lucky to graze the presence of Japan’s most renown metal band by being in front of the mosh pit for the first 3 songs. Each member walked out calm and collectively. I was met with Kaoru (GT) and Toshiya (BA) as I was stationed on the left side of the stage. After picking up their instruments, those two began riling up the crowd and the audience did not disappoint with their amp’d cheer. There were two girls behind me who absolutely lost their “stuff” when Kaoru extended his arms to the crowd.


Being so caught up with the moment, I almost forgot I had to take pictures for you guys! I immediately starting snapping pictures. From Kaoru to Toshiya to Shinya (DR), then Kyo (VO) and Die (GT) caught the eye of my lens. Kyo had a cowl on so I couldn’t see his face at this time so I focused my attention on Die and my god, that man had the best hair that night. The band began playing their first song, “OBSCURE” and Shinya was absolutely destroying me with his drumming and that’s a good thing! Halfway through the song, the members shifted around around giving the cameras and the fans of both sides some love. Still couldn’t get a good look at Kyo’s face… The anticipation was killing me at this point… so I had to focus on Die. *laughs*


Eventually, it got to the point where the band settle back to their respective stage positions and Kyo was standing on a platform, soaking in the crowd’s incredible response. The fan (the wind device, not a person) under the platform kicked in, revealing a bit of Kyo’s ominous face as he had apply a creepy, skull-like make up on his face. He turned to face my side and his glowing eyes pierced through reality. It was absolutely insane! Being so entranced by just their appearance, I lost track of how many songs they’ve played and before I knew it, I had to leave the pit for the fans to get a better view. I head up to the second floor to catch the rest of their show and really focused on their music.


I will be honest, I cannot give you guys more details on the songs they were playing because I am unfamiliar with DIR EN GREY’s work but let me just say, their performance really speaks for itself. After talking to a lot of the fans, they told me the band’s music really focuses on what’s consider taboo in Japan and around the world. As the band was playing, there were videos in the background that went with Kyo’s lyrics. The visual really helped the non-Japanese audience understand what was being said.


By the way, halfway through the show, guess who I managed to see? Yoshiki of X Japan! Yeah, he was there up in the second floor sitting right in front of me along with his entourage. If you didn’t know, Yoshiki helped produced a few of DIR EN GREY’s songs before. Nice to see he was lurking in the dark showing support for his fellow musicians! However, he left right before the encore.

The band returns to the stage after a short 4 minute break. Seriously… DIR EN GREY played NON-STOP throughout the night and to my knowledge, not a single MC happened. So to see them back on stage so fast was absolutely shocking. They opened the encore with “THE FINAL” and later went to a song that caught my attention. I had to turn to a fan next to me and asked him “DUDE! WHAT IS THIS AWESOME SONG?! I GOTTA KNOW THE NAME!” He responded enthusiastically, “HADES!” And you bet your butts that I am typing this live report listening to that song right now! Finally, the eventful night had to come to end. Kyo stood above the platform again and yelled repeatedly, “LAST SONG! LAST SONG! LAST SONG!” Fans expressed sadness and excitement as the band began to play “Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami.” I know, right? Long title! When they concluded their last song, the band members, with huge smiles on their faces (especially Kyo), threw water, picks, drumsticks, and soaked in the reception of their hard work from the fans! My camera died some time during the middle of the encore so I got my last shot of the night on my phone.


Hope you guys enjoy my live report! I just want to thank DIR EN GREY and their management for an amazing show and an opportunity to see them because I will definitely be there for the next one. Thank you to the fans who took the time to speak with me because I have some of the best conversations last night! That’s it for now. See you next week at the VAMPS show!


dir-en-grey-tour-2013-ghoul-house-of-blue-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-00 dir-en-grey-tour-2013-ghoul-house-of-blue-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-02 dir-en-grey-tour-2013-ghoul-house-of-blue-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-03dir-en-grey-tour-2013-ghoul-house-of-blue-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-06

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  1. What?!!! Yoshiki was at this show??? Ahhh! I could have seen him if I knew!!

  2. I’m a huge fan of Dir en Grey! Loved the show so much. I saw them the last time they came to LA that show was awesome but this Ghoul tour took the cake. I had such a great time! Wish I would have been able to meet with you because I knew all of the songs could have helped you out. 🙂

    1. Darn! Let’s meet up next time 🙂 We will be at VAMPS, MAN WITH A MISSION, & ONE OK ROCK LA shows if you’re going to be there.

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