Ugh. So cute. While I was in Tokyo I found these cute cup noodles at a super market- Winnie the Pooh and Stitch! Sapporo Ichiban manufacturers them for a limited time during the summer. Winnie the Pooh cup noodle is tomato flavor and Stitch is Okinawa noodle.

I gave these a try today.  Yes, I ate two cup noodles for lunch today.  Don’t judge.

First, Winnie the Pooh tomato flavored cup noodle – it has corn, cabbage, egg and cute Pooh kamaboko (fish cake) Pour HOT water and wait 3 minutes… Ready to eat!

Couldn’t taste the tomato too much, it tasted okay!  I like Nissin brand noodles better but the cuteness of this is good to try!

Next, Stitch Okinawa Noodle– it has egg, green onions, chashu (pork), and again cute Stitch kamaboko

Once again, pour HOT water and wait 3 minutes… Ready to eat!

The Stitch noodles are thicker since it is “Okinawa” noodle and I think I like this one better than the Winnie the Pooh! Overall both cup noodles were jut okay haha

I also found out online that Sapporo Ichiban has Disney Cup Soups! Winnie the Pooh is tomato soup, Stitch is Onion soup, and Mickey is corn soup.  For the cold winter to come in Japan, cup soups are everyone’s favorite!

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